Reflecting on a year of Workstyle

As the final weeks of the year draw nearer, and your eyes narrow on the finish line, it can be easy to forget about the marathon journey that brought you this far.

We believe that the holidays should be a time of healing and recharge, and also of reflection. When we look back on a year of Workstyle, it reminds us of what we’ve accomplished as a team, and all the things we are looking forward to in 2016.

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite musings and learnings from 2015.


What community management can teach you about teamwork
We start the year in conversation with Tony Hue, community manager at Disqus. He illuminates the important role of community management and what it can really teach us about teamwork.


There’s room: 6 ways to support a diverse culture
Engineer Rachel Miller looks within to answer the question “how can tech do better” when it comes to diversity in the workplace. There’s a long way to go, but the best time to start, she says, is now.


best of 2015 To be successful in business, do this (says Peter Thiel)
Peter Thiel stops by Asana to talk about his book Zero to One, and share his unique insights about how to be successful in business. This is a summary of the Q&A that followed that talk.


This is how the creator of Zen Habits changed his life
We talk to the creator of Zen Habits, Leo Babauta, about how he got unstuck from his bad habits, and what the first step to change really means.


Dustin Moskovitz shares his lessons on leadership
Co-founder of Asana, Dustin Moskovitz, talks about what makes a great leader, and what can make a great leader even better.


best of 2015 Ask 5 Whys to get to the root of any problem
Prashant Pandey and Zoe Desroches break down an innovative technique known as Five Whys, and how teams can use it to get to the root of any problem.


Blunt, effective feedback, in 3 stories
Co-founder of Asana, Justin Rosenstein, is known for his to-the-point feedback, and uses three stories to show how and why feedback is so important for teams.


Less is more: leading your team to better results through work-life balance
Dustin Moskovitz pens a thoughtful response to a much-discussed New York Times expose about work-life balance at Amazon, and shares why he thinks working less can be better for productivity.


best of 2015 The remote worker’s guide to working with a team
Isaac Wolkerstorfer, an Asana engineer reporting from Berlin, explains the trials and tribulations of working remotely. It’s not as lonely as you think!


Gaining support for your ideas in the workplace
Generating ideas can be hard, but selling them can be even harder. Brian Honigman explains how to get support for your ideas in the workplace.


The ROI of gratitude: how Betabrand gets it right
Quirky clothing retailer, Betabrand, shows that there’s more to giving thanks than cranberry sauce. They give back to their employees in a serious way, and share an important lesson on gratitude.


best of 2015 The role of cadence and ritual at work
Devon Watts and Vivek Sri uncover a not-often-discussed way for companies to energize their teams. Cadence and ritual might be the secret weapon for managers looking to do more.

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